Fulgazi Postal Code – ফুলগাজী Zip Code, Feni

Fulgazi is an upazila of the Feni (ফেনী) District, located in Bangladesh’s Chittagong Division. It is located at 23°08′N 91°26′E. There are four post offices here. These areas are Fulgazi, Munshirhat, Pashurampur, and Shuarbazar. The postal codes of these areas are 3942, 3943, 3940, and 3941. This Upazila was a thana in 1975 and in the year 27 March 2002, it became an Upazila.

There are 46,335 households and 99.03 square kilometers. And around 110291 people live here. There are 14 union parishads. They are subdivided into 81 mauzas and 76 villages. There are many places to visit.

Fulgazi Postal Zip code

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