Gosairhat Postal Code – গোসাইরহাট Zip Code, Shariatpur

Gosairhat is an Upazila of Shariatpur (শরিয়তপুর) District in the Division of Dhaka, in south-central Bangladesh. The postal code of Gosairhat is 8050. In the total area of 196.72 square kilometers, there live 157665 people in 33169 households. And at least 7% of people live in urban areas.

There are many educational institutes that are notable. There are also cultural organizations along with religious institutes. The main rivers of this Upazila are Jayanti and Meghna.

There are 8 union parishads and they have 221 villages and 84 mauzas. There is no municipality. The Haturia Miahbari Jami Mosque is in this Upazila.

Gosairhat Postal Zip code

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