Gouranadi Postal Code – গৌরনদী Zip Code, Barishal

Gournadi is an administrative unit of Barishal (বরিশাল) District in the Division of Barishal, Bangladesh. It is located at 22.9736°N 90.2306°E. There are four post offices here. These are Batajor, Gouranadi, Kashemabad, and Tarki Bandar. The postal codes of these are 8233, 8230, 8232, and 8231.

In the area of 144.18 square kilometers and 37,047 households, around 180,219 people live here. And among them, 6.2% of people live in urban areas. Its thana was formed in 1806 and in 1983, it was known as an Upazila. There are 7 union parishads. These are subdivided into 130 villages and 128 mauzas. And on the municipality, there are 20 mahallas and 9 wards.

Gouranadi Postal Zip code

UpazilaPost OfficePost Code
GouranadiTarki Bandar8231

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