Kashkaolia Postal Code – কাশকাউলিয়া Zip Code, Tangail

Kashkaolia is an Upazila of Tangail (টাঙ্গাইল) District in the Division of Dhaka, Bangladesh. This one is also a popular place in Tangail. There is only one post office in this thana. The postal code of Kashkaolia is 1930. There are many interesting places here to visit. There are also many educational institutes for study and religious places.

The postal code is also known as zip code. With the help of zip code or postal code, it is easy for you to sent the mail or any other thing. And here in this article, we have included the post or zip code of Kashkaolia thana.

Kashkaolia Postal Zip code

UpazilaPost OfficePost Code

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