Nalchhiti Postal Code – নলছিটি Zip Code, Jhalokati

Nalchity is an Upazila of Jhalokati (ঝালকাঠি) District in the division of Barisal, Bangladesh. It is located at 22.6222°N 90.2708°E. There are three post offices here. These are Beerkathi, Nalchhiti, and Rajapur. And the postal codes of these areas are 8421, 8420, and 8410.

The population of 214418 people lives in 38006 households in a total land of 237.17 square kilometers. There are 10 unions here that have 135 villages and 133 mouzas. And the municipality here has 21 mahallas and 9 wards. In 1924, Nalchity Thana was created. In 1983, it was made into an Upazila.

Nalchhiti Postal Zip code

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