Naria Postal Code – নড়িয়া Zip Code, Shariatpur

Naria is an upazila of Shariatpur (শরিয়তপুর) District of the Dhaka Division of Bangladesh. The postal code of Naria Upazila starts from 8020 to 8024. There are 49,615 households and a population of 231,644 that lives in the area of 203.58 square kilometers.

In 1930, it was formed into a thana. And in 1983, the thana was turned into an Upazila. There are 189 villages and 146 mauzas in the 14 union parishads. And in the municipality, there are 27 mahallas and 9 wards.

There are many notable institutes for educational purposes. Naria canal is a famous place there. Freedom Fighter Abdul Hamid Sarda was killed here while fighting with the Pakistani army.

Naria Postal Zip codes

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