Bajitpur Postal Code – বাজিতপুর Zip Code, Kishoreganj

Bajitpur is an administrative unit of the Kishoreganj (কিশোরগঞ্জ) District in Bangladesh. It is located at 24.2167°N 90.9583°E. There are two post offices here. The post code of this area is 2336 and 2337. In 1835, Bajitpur thana was created. And in 1983, it was turned into Upazila.

In 35051 households and a total area of 193.76 square km, 197,081 people live here. There are 11 union parishads. They are subdivided into 84 mauzas and 188 villages. This place was known for the fine quality muslin. Nowadays they make high-quality Jamdani clothes and other fancy textiles. The average literacy rate of this area is 22.1%.

Bajitpur Postal Zip code

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