Siddirganj Postal Code – সিদ্ধিরগঞ্জ Zip Code, Narayanganj

Siddhirganj is one of the eldest industrial parts in Bangladesh. There are more than 15000 factories and jute mills here since 1951. All the exports happen here. There are three post offices are here. These are Adamjeenagar, LN mills, and Siddirganj. The codes of this area also start from 1430 to 1431.

Siddhirganj is known for its rich textile history. Because of the geographic location, it is the perfect place to make Jamdani muslin. Jamdani muslin is on the list of masterpieces by UNESCO. Even in the libration war in 1971, the Siddhirganj power station was a target to bomb.

Siddirganj Postal Zip code

UpazilaPost OfficePost Code
SiddirganjLN Mills1432

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