Mollahat Postal Code – মোল্লাহাট Zip Code, Bagerhat

Mollahat is an Upazila of Bagerhat (বাগেরহাট) District in the Division of Khulna, Bangladesh. It is in 22.9417°N 89.7000°E. There are six post offices here. And these are the names Chakulia, Dariala, Kahalpur, Mollahat, Nagarkandi, and Pak Gangni. The post codes of these areas are 9383, 9382, 9381, 9380, 9384, and 9385.

There are about 126218 peoples live here in an area of 187.44 square kilometers and 21,465 households. In 1867, Mollahat thana was created. And on 2 July 1983, it was made into an Upazila. There is a Memorial monument here of the liberation war. There are seven unions here. And these are subdivided into 102 villages and 59 mauzas.

Mollahat Postal Zip code

UpazilaPost OfficePost Code
MollahatPak Gangni9385

Post code for other Upazila of Bagerhat District
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